Royalty free loops for commercial use, advertisement or phone waiting lines for example.
Loops can include words and text in very different languages.
Since we produce by ourselves, you are free from any royalty fees.

Individual sound recordings. If you want some collection of sound effects for your theatre that shall be arranged in a certain time scale or if you would like to have a professional recording of your song, poem or audio book for a dear person, with multiple synthesizers, multitrack recording and vocal cabine we have very plenty possibilities of which we would like to speak about with you.

Ambience live music in the style of a piano bar. With a repertoire of about two and a half hours of evergreens and easy listenning classic at your event.
A little white or black grand piano we bring along depending to the occassion.

For a special festival a
romantic piano concert with Kai Miano who plays his own compositions - www.kaimiano.com - on a grand piano.
This will promise your guests and yourself a magical music experience but best of all an unforgetable evenning.
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